Kids Parties

Your child’s imagination is such a wonderful place to see! Take them there at their very next birthday party.

When creativity kicks, it will allow their imagination to blossom and take shape on a blank canvas set before them.

So, have a no mess no fuss party at the arthouse, that’s your house.  Each child gets to keep his / her masterpiece and takes it home as a souvenir of their memorable, magical and exciting day.

We have enough colour to splash on and enough glitter to shine. 

Paint It Parties is a great way for your child to enjoy a fun filled afternoon with all their friends doing what they do best - PLAYING ! Our kids get to experiment with an enormous range of colour, glitter & stencils to create their very own masterpiece, that they each get to take home with them.

Paintemonium and Pleasure are the order of the day !

So come and Party like Picasso , and get booking for your next birthday.

All ages welcome